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“Never did I imagine that a place could so perfectly blend all things equine with all things tea. Suddenly the two seem as naturally bonded as pancakes and syrup. I guess they’re both quintessentially British, at least as presented in this anglohaven, and that unifies them.  Whether you’ve brought a conversation partner or a good read, you’ll be comfortable on the couch and lovingly doted upon as you warm yourself with the nectar of the old country.”

Dibital N. 

“Between the warm, personal service, the whimsical atmosphere and the best home-made scones to be found in San Francisco, Tal-Y-Tara is a clear winner of the San Francisco teahouse scene. This is NOT the usual Agatha-Christie-English-Teahouse-Meets-a-Doily-Nightmare interior you’ll find in many other places. Though full of interesting stuff, place is tasteful and not at all kitschy.”

Sandra B.

“A great San Francisco take on high tea! Familial atmosphere…where you are invited to wile away the day sipping tea and eating delicious scones. The motorloaf is impressive, the tea comes in a tea cozy (who knew they were still in use?), and the service is impeccable. On par with the high tea I’ve had in London and Oxford.”

Madeline N.

“This refreshing little shoppe lets you take a breather from all the hustle and bustle of the big city.  Nestled in SeaCliff and easy to miss if they don’t have the life-size horse out front, Tal-y-Tara (Gaelic for “By the Kings”) allows you to take refuge and comforts the most wary soul with an almost forgotten pastime- having a “spot of tea”!!  With an array of teas to choose from and delicious delicacies to nibble on (the scone is a must!), time almost seems to stop in this tiny haven.  I was surprised at how relaxing and altogether revitalizing this experience was.  It is the perfect place to reflect in peace or to chat with an intimate group of friends, and the owners are the most gracious people you’d hope to meet in that setting.  Every time I go for a visit, I’m there for at least 2 hours chatting with them.  Their porch is perfect on a sunny day and the cottage-like shoppe and tea will keep you warm when it’s not-so-sunny.  Definitely try the historic “motorloaf”, which is the coolest concept of a sandwich around.  When the city seems like too much to bear, it’s the best place to sip away your worries.”

Tara G.

“I came here in search of paddock boots for riding, and instantly fell in love with the place.  The first half of the store is for shopping and they offer a huge array of Ariat boots, half chaps and muck boots, field boots, dressage boots, a wide selection of pants including Irideon, which is my favorite, as well as helmets and all the odds and ends you’d ever need.  The back half is an English tea shop and garden, and it’s the feeling that you are trying on shoes in someone’s living room that will capture your heart.  It’s just so cozy in there.”

Sabrina K.

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